by utopia:banished

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(free) 05:10


released November 1, 2006



all rights reserved


utopia:banished Germany

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Track Name: Dont't You
you want to strengthen your lies, don't you?
you won't give up until you proof I'm nothing, don't you?
someon will ignore the error, don't you?
tonight someone is more than narrow, don't you?

this stupidity is contagious
parasitic sympathy
such a gentle invitation
to such ways I'll never choose to be

now you've found another scapegoat, stab him!
giving blood into the hole I'm starring in, don't you?

tell me that this hole ain't that deep
I have thrown a dime inside
for hours I'm starring into darkness
my patience leaves while waiting for a sound
Track Name: Contemporary XXX
we have not survived to tolerate
the headromm saves space and desperate
every time I break
idiot, sucker, news to fake
vitality falls away
terrified to loose control
turn the picture to wash
demanding pain to the shrink
we menstruate words and now we call death

we stand to visite the fall
the irony of it all, but...
Track Name: Kayal
she behaves like a machine
acts cold and professional
she's a pure, strange design
DMT opens me

in the way she moves me
I feel drunk and act false
not because of her perfume
so inflameable
that smell she tastes foreign
it's on you to guide me in

makes me think about buying new clothes
makes me wish I'd have another soul to host
she smiles like she says "look who's laughing now"

useless patience
when silence is overwhelming

I slipped the klit
I slipped the klit
I fit in your shape
I dig for the core

I slipped the klit
spill blood on your fur
I fit in your shape

in the shade of her eyes
a place to spend my life
downstair dancer
can I come inside

I tape you to keep you here
my heart wants to beat the same as you

this feeling is fading every day
some piece of innocence we can't stray
dead palms never leave me thinking about
the last round make it straight, I'm sober
and my life is over

I slipped the klit
I slipped the klit
I fit in your shape
I dig for the core

I slipped the klit
spit blood on your fur
I fit in your shape
Track Name: Carve up a nit
you don't know what I've been through
you don't know how I feel or do
I saw god and he was cold
like each human hull, each promise, too
nothing hurts more than a life with a reason

when I'm down it tears me up
when I'm high it takes me down again
contemplate my sense of balance then you can
draw a soul, draw a life, and make sense
fuck her without suspense
all this sound must be that loud
so we don't hear the world break down

I don't like you
I dont' even know you
there's really nothing that I have to show you
you smile the same as the people I hate
so why should I go and make you buy this record
in my eyes you're dead
fucking hull you don'st impress me
and your stupid, fucking uniform doesn't make sense to me
leave me alone now...